Project Volk – Into the Breach

At this point, we have three different audiences.




Each has their own concerns, each has their own perspective, each has a narrative worth understanding and exploring to best serve their needs.

Customers want their cars to look great, to save time and money, to enjoy the convenience of receiving the service at a reasonable price and high quality results

Investors are concerned with making a return on their investment, they want a profitable business that they can also feel secure and excited about partnering with. Depending on the investor, they also want to pass on their knowledge, wisdom and experience.

The Technicians, the workers, are the most crucial of them all, because without them, nothing happens, nothing even has the potential to happen. They want to work, to earn a the value of their labor and provide for themselves and their families, to produce a valuable service towards that end and feel the satisfaction of a job well done.

Each audience, or community or group, must be addressed with their concerns and desires in mind.

God Speed.

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