Project Volk – Agility

Agility, in the context of business, refers to the ability to adapt and handle new information and circumstances.

The term has been popularized in the last two decades to describe a strategy that, while seemingly chaotic, nonetheless seems to work, especially in an era of unparalleled technological complexity, financial uncertainty and political instability.

These are tumultuous times, and the only answer many can give is to increase response time, just-in-time manufacturing and delivery. Faster and faster ads and engagement.

People can’t live like that for long. It stresses us out, which is why there is such a huge push towards automation, no one likes having to be that on edge all the time, the ultra-kinetic, high tension response to stimulus, at least, not for long any way.

Eventually people get burnt out.

Here at the Volk App Project, we recognize that. How? Well, because many of us are still doing labor.

It’s hard work, we get tired and technologists don’t generally speak the same language that we do.

So, it’s time to change a few things.

God Speed

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