Project Volk – Turning the Page

In perpetration of our launch, the building of the team and the documentation of the tests, we are pooling our collective information and skills.

Our focus right now is to get to the MVP which means stripping away all distractions from that goal.

When in this phase, what is required is a singularity of purpose and a clarity of vision. To that end, while we have a clear goal as to what we are building and why, our methodology to achieve it remains adaptive and flexible. In our case, utilizing an agile method that is guided by our larger end product. What we care about is what we are doing, at this point we are open to discovering better ways of how to do it.

Part of what guides our decisions is a beautiful process, aesthetic code and a desire for graceful and effective execution.

If changes have to be made, so be it, if we have to scrap part or all of a project module, we will do so. What is more important at this point is optionality, leveraging one of our key strengths, that of being small, flexible and able to make decisions quickly.

The first iteration of what we are trying to build will not necessarily work well, be particularly pretty or easy to use.

But it will be something, and if it works at all in even the slightest degree, we not only will have created a dent in the universe, we will be fixing several that shouldn’t be there.

God Speed.

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