Project Volk – Building up Men, Building up the Workers

This is a strange time to be alive.

The working class are regularly maligned by financial elites while men in general are excoriated by self described “psychological” experts and a feckless scholarly “class” of neo-clerics.

It cannot go on.

Here at the Volk Project, our belief in building up men, the workers and families is firmly rooted in our Catholic Faith. We recognize what a gift it is to have the families and workers and men that we do, and we honor and respect the work of them as they build the future.

We also believe in designing that future, not merely coasting along, waiting for prosperity and plenty to merely “happen”.

The previous generation made the erroneous assumption that such seemingly automatic growth would continue indefinitely, and that their “strategies” would work beyond the context of a GDP that seemed to do nothing but rise, interrupted momentarily by nothing more than a few minor financial disasters that could easily be remedied by tax payer backed bail outs.

It is a strange time to be alive.

And while we have many problems in our age, we intend to do something about them.

We say all this to reiterate our commitment to workers, the family and men informed by our Catholic Christian Faith.

God Speed

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