Project Volk – Endurance

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Our best efforts, in many cases, are simply not enough.

What I mean is that there are times when you will simply make a mistake, and have to eat the consequences.

Those lessons are best learned in the field, where you have access to immediate feedback, that’s one of the reasons I continue to work labor while we build.

While that may be a spiting of efforts and resources, it offers multiple perspectives, and the transition between strategy and tactics continually allows for iteration and first hand validation.

There is absolutely no better form of data than that.

Recently, I learned the importance of testing after using a new product. I had not adequately tested it and discovered that it was far less useful that I initially thought. I cost me hours and time away from my family, and I learned I needed to have a higher standard for my own process and to be more skeptical and more rigorous in the validation phase of any new plan/product/strategy.

God Speed

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