Project Volk – Pertinacity

Photo by Nikola Dechkov on

How we face the present dictates how we face the future.

Every moment is a choice and how we endure hardship today becomes habit and eventually a tradition of courage or cowardice.

In our case, if there is an error, and inevitably for all endeavors there will be, what matters more than never making a mistake is having a system for learning from and benefiting from that mistake.

The key is not just enduring and surviving any kind of disaster or error, the key is learning how to benefit from it. One cannot stop there from being problems or loss or grief, only how one responds to it.

We plan to become stronger with every trial, to learn and grow, to validate and transform ourselves with each iteration.

One of our greatest strengths is optionality. We are not afraid and can shift and change quickly in response to new information.

God Speed.

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