Project Volk – Endurance

We’re moving forward. Small steps at a time, but some steps are larger than others.

Most of the work right now is meetings, discussions, deals, learning and action.

Always action.

My strength has always been that of a man of action. I have been told I have a tendency to bulldoze, to plough through, to crush and cut down everything in my way.

That is a monumental strength, it is absolutely essential for what it is that we are attempting, there can be no turning back, no walking away, no hesitation before the next leap.

However, that quality, when used in the wrong way, pointed in the wrong direction, can cause havoc, it has the potential to hurt friends and family, destroy life’s work, waste time and sabotage otherwise productive efforts.

That is part of the reason why one cannot journey like this on your own. You need a team, you need complementary friends and family in your corner helping to aid you where you are blind, or weak, or inexperienced.

Indeed, seek out mentors as well, guides that have come this way before and covet especially grey haired sages who have wisdom and many years of experience. They will help you in ways that cannot be overestimated. They are essential for the hero to complete his journey.

God Speed.

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