Project Volk – Learning to Let Go

We learned a few things today chatting with a friend and mentor. We had sat down with an older gentleman who has seen more and done more than ether of us have yet and shared with us some of his wisdom and knowledge.

He listened, and that was huge for us, just listened to the dream, the vision, and asked excellent clarifying questions that helped us think through the answers and consider things from a new perspective.

One of the big things, for me personally as the visionary, was the knowledge that there will come a time when I will need to relinquish control over specific elements of our operation to more competent hands more suited for those roles.

I have known that for a while, and am going through that on a much smaller scale as we speak, defining roles and passing on responsibilities to new contractors and hires.

This doesn’t scare me. However, trusting others to be able to handle the situation or to respond appropriately to issues when they arise… well… that is much harder.

I am left with a sense of calmness as this big picture planning leads directly into current events. Things are really beginning to change, as this week there will be two events to address, a big update on the MVP and a major project proposal.

I feel that things are ramping up and are going to start happening faster.

We are excited and can see the first milestone coming up.

Pray for us.

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