Project Volk – Day in and day out

One of the harder elements of what we do is the limitless nature of our work.

What I mean is, there is no end to human desires, they are functionally infinite.

It can be overwhelming when considering the implications of such a thought but it does mean that we have some job security.

There will always been a demand to make vehicles look great, because that taps directly into a core human need and universal trait.

What does that look like day to day? Well, there was a lot of rain this week, so I wasn’t able to get as much work done.

However, the work itself didn’t disappear, it just meant that I had to reschedule much of it to the weekend.

That can be hard on a man and his family, however, the work needs to be done and money needs to be made.

That is how these larger, more abstract ideas translate into the material, day-to-day realities of our lives.

That’s one of the things I want to change, make a little easier for workers.

This is deeply personal and spiritual for me and my hope is that this begins a restoration of the dignity of labor.

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