Project Volk – Emerging Strength

Don’t imagine the future.

Create it.

The best efforts are not in development of theories, but rather in phenomenology.

We’re not modern thinkers, trying to reason backwards from data to first principles.

We have a very simple heuristic, that a worker is worth his wages and that labor is a far better determination of value than interest on debt.

Our social mission is very much linked to the value proposition we offer.

Workers and families are not play things to be manipulated or destroyed by market forces or secular revolutions or majority vote.

As Catholics, we understand honor and reverence, we understand order and hierarchy and we unapologetically serve Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The perspective we bring to the table is very different than typical market reasoning, as money is not really our object.

Most business men would find that insane, certainly the bankers would laugh.

But we are already profitable, we already have begun while most are still working on the drawing board.

It’s not a complicated situation really, it’s actually very simple, the secret of our success thus far, but that will all become apparent soon.

God Speed.

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