Project Volk – Auto Restoration Made Simple / Responsibilities

Responsibilities take on new dimensions as a startup grows.

When first embarking upon a new venture, the entrepreneur does everything, spinning plates so to speak till he cannot spin any more or, more often, one breaks.

The key is to bring on other people to own the various plates as the enterprise grows.

In our case, that new role is that of the Project Manager.

The PM owns the specific project that they are tasked to, in our specific case, the development of our social media, ads, scheduling, and coordinating of our automotive techs.

Each duty has a corresponding process, which are adapted and tested on a regular basis.

In the start up phase, there is much more freedom in the role. As time goes on and the responsibilities grow and the corresponding pay increases as well, the role becomes more defined and while it is still meant to be a flexible position, it is also meant to be fractal, workable on the small and large scale.

Till next time. ✌🏻

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