Project Volk – Help and Momentum

Photo by lalesh aldarwish on

So we realized we needed help.

There are several major obstacles in the path of one of our businesses to allow it to grow, like a child, and like a child digestion, it needs a healthy internal system as well as input.

The first major issue to address is our accounting system. We have recently switched to Profit First, and we have several action items to act on in the next couple weeks.

The second is that of financial bleeding, especially in the form of debt. We realized that debt would have to be paid off in order to have the kind of long term, sustainable and healthy growth that we want.

The third was that of technology. It is no secret that we are looking for a technologist (if you are interested in being part of a tech start-up, let us know!) and part of that search means not staying idle even though we don’t have all of the 5 Essential Roles filled in our organization quite yet.

As we grow, interns and new contractors and employees will join our ranks and we are committed to grow along with those that grow with us.

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