Project Volk – Interns and Aesthetics

“Design and aesthetics are not limited to the visible. The structure of an organization is meant to be beautiful.”

Aesthetics is the union of form and function, and applies to the unseen as well as the seen.

These principles have been lost on the modern world (that beauty and strength are meant to be one) with brutalist architecture dominating the post war period in the rebuilding of Europe as an example

It is only recently that it seems there is something of a resurgence and it seems to accord with a keener insight into spiritual matters, especially regarding the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

I mention all this to confess my inadequacies and neglect at not building more beautiful and functional businesses up until this point.

No longer.

We promise to all those that we engage with, customer or employee, client or partner, that we will build and rebuild beautiful businesses, both in the services and products but from accounting to hierarchy, we will grow with strength and grace, Competency and Culture.

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