Volk Project – As We Rise / A Right Perspective

Many are the accounts of the meteoric rise of Steve Jobs, biographies and testimonials, articles and articles on the complexities of his personality, his sins and tyrannies.

This is not one of those.

I mention him because I’ve been reading such a biographical account of his life. His genius is obvious, his character almost non existent.

What this account brought to mind is other captains of industry, such as Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller.

In case of their respective business (steel, cars and oil), they made a ‘dent’ in the world as Jobs would have put it.

Each of those industries maps to human universals, such as the need for strong materials to make tools and construct buildings, the need for transportaion, the need for energy.

In Steve Job’s case, the need for storing and transmitting information.

Do you want to know what all of these various industries need to function?




Here at Project Volk we are not aiming at an improvement in an existing industry. We are aiming at transforming the very relationship that workers have to their labor in modernity. We are aiming at connecting families, the people, to laborers in the most efficient and simple way possible. We are aiming at being able to organize entire fields and sectors in a fraction of the time that it takes to create businesses and corporate entities.

That all begins with our very simple vision.

Rebuild American Confidence.

And we will do it through our mission:

Make American Cars Look Great.

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