Volk App – An Appeal to Heaven

Here at the Volk App Project, we have two goals:

  • Vision: Rebuild American Confidence
  • Mission: Make American Cars Look Great

There is a third goal as well that I have realized earlier today that is continuing to be defined.

None of us want to create just another corporation, just another company whose sole, final concern is merely making money.

We care about our nation, our people, those that we serve and those that work with and for us, we see them as part of a family grown large.

Part of the reason for that, as I have said before, is that my personal story has been one of trial and hard work. I have been a blue collar worker for years, the working class are very close to my heart, the common laborer.

And this work is a labor of love.

My hope is to transform the entire automotive industry into something that serves the driver again, and maybe smooth out many of the very negative experiences that come with cars problems.

This is what we are about.

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