Project Volk – The Charismatic and the Art of the Deal

The last role in our series on start-up team formation is that of what I like to call the Charismatic, or Chief Marketing Officer, the social media guru, or the salesman.

This role is more essential than ever, to be able to sell and manage the public persona. It is an endless endeavor in our always online world, especially in the technology sector.

When discussing social media, we are also discussing publicity, and there is an old saying that there is no such thing as bad press.

That’s true. Even the most absurd and degrading publicity is still publicity and controversy can spark a viral post easily.

The hard work is managing that wave and riding it well to increased market share.

The role of the Charismatic is to be able to monitor and promote the goals of visionary, ether enmass to the general public or one on one to a prospective investor or legislator.

That is the reality of the situation and one of the reasons why this role is essential for the start up. It can be outsourced but it should be brought in house quickly to ensure that the message is correct, that the philosophy of the team is communicated well and completely bought into by the one communicating that message.

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