Project Volk – The Technologist

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The Technologist, or the Chief Technology Officer or the Architect is the technical lead, the magic maker.

The CTO owns the technology, builds it and impliments it when considering a start up. He is the one that has the expertise and knowledge to make the Visionary’s dream truly come to life.

The truly skilled Architect is highly creative, a maker, he needs little more than broad brush strokes to begin work. He may ask more detailed questions and the trust between himself and the rest of the team is paramount in order to execute well.

The difficulty with the Technologist is communication, clear and concise communication. Typically a subject matter expert, he usually has trouble relating to others, many times is impatient when he is trying to explain a technical point that his audience doesn’t understand.

The key to executing well with a technologist will be communication and appreciation. He wants to be recognized and respected for his work, not pandered to or flattered.

The Visionary and Technologist work very closely with the Operator, these three roles being the most absolutely crucial of the startup, and it may take a lot of time to forge a bond of trust between these three.

A contractor can fill the role of the Technologist temporally if a particular idea needs to be acted upon quickly, but eventually you will want a full time and vested founding member who is an expert in the particular area of technology that is being implemented.

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