The Volk Project – The Visionary and the Never Ending Ride

As I promised yesterday, I’m going to explain the key roles that need to be owned in every start up in order for the goal to be realized.

1st: The Visionary

noun[ C ]US  /ˈvɪʒ·əˌner·i/a person who is able to imagine how a countrysocietyindustry, etc., will or should develop in the future and to plan in a suitable way:

  • He saw how the family could be restored in his society, he was a true visionary.

The Visionary owns the ultimate reality altering idea, the very core of what it is that is being attempted and why. The Visionary presses forward, further up and further in, he is a true believer in what the start up team is attempting.

He is also known as the Fanatic.

The work of the Visionary does not end until the dream becomes reality. He seems tireless, dauntless, unshakable in his faith and vision and will do whatever is necessary to make it a reality.

The Visionary is not swayed by naysayers, he will not be coerced or bought off, unless that is an explicit part of the goal.

The Visionary is not always personable with people, but the one thing he does well is inspire. He is the alpha, the guiding light of the team and one of his defining characteristics is the ability to communicate his idea to others, and if not the precise details, at minimum his enthusiasm.

One of the challenges for the Visionary is to stay on task and to not burn himself out or be distracted from the goal. He absolutely crucial to the team success and may fill several roles at once but his first task should be to assemble the team.

His job is to dive into conflict. To argue, coerce, debate and if necessary, fight to build the very foundation of the organization. In addition to being the Visionary, the secondary role is that of defender, defender of the ethos and dream, defender of the team, defender of that precious treasure that is the winning idea.

The Visionary is served well by developing his organizational skills, his negotiation skills, his both verbal and physical fighting skills (martial arts + rhetoric & dialectic).

The Visionary is served well by a study of history and other great leaders of the past, of battle tactics and legal structures.

You may have noticed, if you’ve been following these posts so far:

I am the Visionary.

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