Project Volk – Blue Collar Technology / Failures and Conflict

How you react to the discovery that you’re not as successful as you think you should be is a key moment. Do you think to yourself ‘okay I need to work harder and maybe I’ll improve’ or do you retreat into a world of delusion where you are Napoleon and everyone just doesn’t realize it?


Part of any transformation or building of any organization is that at some point, you will encounter challenges.

This is the case because you will learn where your strengths are and weakness are.

Reality is a very unforgiving teacher. It doesn’t matter what your intentions were, how hard you tried, whether or not you had all the tools you needed or whatever, ether do or do not, there is no try.

This is a harsh lesson, for even the most competent and seasoned of leaders, often painful and a blow to the confidence of he who attempts any ambitious project. Many attempt to avoid any such challenges, to try and anticipate every possible outcome, to plan for every contingency.

But that is a fools errand.

The truth is that the inevitable conflict that occurs within and without is unavoidable. The is only one way to succeed given the circumstances.

To embrace the conflict.

To welcome it.

To seek it out, to make it the focus when it presents itself.

And if you fail in the trying, rise and fight again.

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