Project Volk – Have Faith and Execute Well

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In our story, the hero does not save the world, he conquers it.


My father is a strong man, powerful, very dangerous and very good. He is kind, understanding and wise. He taught me how to embrace adversity, how to endure and over come. He is consistent and punctual and extremely intelligent.

He has always been a guide.

And we here at Project Volk want to be a guide to you.

What we seek to do is to come along side you and help in our particular way, you achieve as the hero of your own story that which you have set out to do.

Mobile Vehicle Restoration, as we have said before, is more than just a way to make money for us. We see the potential to transform the working class in America, for we truly believe that the current relationship between the laborer and his wages is beyond dysfunctional.

It would be easy to “blame the system” because that seems so obvious, and in some sense it is true. The conditions, especially the legal conditions, for workers, the employee-employer relationship is twisted in many ways.

But when we say “system”, we usually mean something that is largely an undefined assumption.

We don’t see an answer in Unions, they have had their time and they are a largely outdated form of labor organization, especially since it appears that there is no provision for preserving the traditional family.

Rather, we see the need for a restructuring of the legal and organizational frame work surrounding employment in general and automotive contracting in particular, not towards greater complexity but rather towards greater simplicity.

We have a deep love of the workers and their families here at Project Volk, and we are committed to rebuilding American confidence, especially in labor.

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