Project Volk – Transitioning to Alternative Tech

Photo by Josh Sorenson on

One of the keys of transforming the way drivers service their vehicles and workers relate to their labor is by developing light weight, alternative technologies that are easily adaptable and customizable on a small scale.

The development of two pieces of the system has already been done.

  • The Internet
  • Cellphones

The third piece is software that networks the vast legions of American drivers to the many tens of thousands of mobile vehicle restoration technicians that already service existing body shops and dealerships.

Beyond that is the legal framework that reconstructs the relationship between workers and their labor, which is an extremely difficult task. That comes later as the system develops and gains steam, but the basic relationship that yields the highest value for a workers labor is that of the contractor, or the Corporation of 1.

But that’s boring honestly.

What is exciting is seeing American cars looking amazing and drivers getting control of the service to their vehicles, safely and quickly.

What is exciting is making it so the American worker receives the true value of their labor.

As I have said before, it’s about the people.

  • Volk

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