Project Volk – Build Up the Workers and the Family

The smallest unit of any civilization is not the individual.

It is the family.

Addressing the concerns of the workers is a tough prospect in a fracturing society that is rapidly losing trust.

Part of the reason we find our work so necessary is precisely because of such a fracturing society and the many forces that tend towards national dissolution.

Here at Project Volk, we recognize that the vast majority of any civilization is not going to be knowledge workers, and that there is an inheritant dignity and satisfaction in chopping down a tree or changing a tire or hunting.

Part of what we believe in is the long term vision of blue collar tech, where Technology and automation actually works for the worker, rather than simply replacing the worker.

We believe that this can be done, to bring many blue collar sectors into the new millennium while protecting the oldest of instiutions, the family, and of course, the workers.

We look back to move forward.

Because, it is about the people.

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