Project Volk – New Horizons

Part of what makes a story compelling is the struggle.

Those stories which captivate us are those which relate human conflict authenticly.

For instance, this morning, I woke before dawn after a rough night sleep. Family and friends have been sick recently this Christmas season and it was my turn. My faithful wife woke with me to help me out the door and I worked sun up to sun down in the cold to provide for my family.

My wonderful children and wife greeted me after a long day with laughter and hot food, and though weary, sick and aching, I am content and grateful for what I have been given.

That is a true story, and true for millions of blue collar workers throughout America.

It’s a hard life, but a good one, filled with love and the satisfaction of a job well done.

That is being lost, these families, for the workers are being lost. Great changes and forces of globalization are acting upon the basic unit of the family, fracturing homes and communities into rootless, atomized individuals.

Here at Project Volk we recognize the need to protect the worker and the family, they both must be built up by transforming the way that the worker relates to his labor, and restore to him the value of his labor.

We see an opportunity to rebuild the confidence of the American worker and family by making American cars look great.

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