Project Volk – Team Building

Happy New Year!

There is a basic structure to all teams and several essential roles that must be filled to begin any enterprise.

Visionary: The person who is able to identify consumer needs and come up with breakthrough products to fill those gaps. The visionary always solves real human issues, not abstract technological problems.

Specialist in a narrow field or technology: The one who knows how everything works on a technical level. Remember Elizabeth Holmes.

Experienced mentor: An older person ready to guide and share experiences. These people usually occupy the position of Deputy Director and don’t take an active role in the day-to-day business activities, but these are the people that younger founders can look up to for advice and guidance.

Marketing expert: Even if you thought up of a relevant product and created it, how would people become aware of it? Of course, Facebook and Google provide promotional tools, but you still need someone who has the expertise to understand how to use those tools to put forth a value proposition to potential consumers. A marketing expert will enable a company to make immediate profits, rather than run solely on investment money.

Communicator: Someone who helps build relationships between key team members, find compromises and resolve conflicts. I’ve seen many teams with strong leaders, each pulling in different directions, resulting in a suffering business. For example, Elon Musk’s vision is always ahead of production capability, which creates a need for someone who can help the technologist and the visionary come to an agreement before making announcements to investors and the wider public.

Part of leadership is drawing together the right people to fill these specific roles and there are few people that can pull off multiple roles at the same time, at least, not for very long.

In our case, we’re doing something new and combining two sectors that rarely speak the same language.

What drives us in the difficult task that we have ahead of ourselves is not merely money or influence. The working class have both a need for jobs that pay them the real value of their labor and for drivers to make their cars look great for a fraction of the price of dealerships and service centers.

Here at Project Volk, it’s about the people.

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