Project Volk – Blue Collar Tech / Start Up Valuations

Part of what makes this project so enjoyable is the new experiences and friends we’ve made along the way.

In my case, I’ve owned my own business and done labor as a contractor for years.

However, building a tech start up from the ground up is an entirely different set of challenges than simply working as a contractor.

Part of it is the need for start up capital, which usually comes in several varieties.

1) Personal Funds

2) Debt

3) Donations from friends and family

4) Investors

5) Crowd Funding

The first three are obvious, with the nuance that the debt that is usually available to high risk tech start up is so terrible that it has often completely strangled the start up before it really begins.

Professional Investors, on the other hand, are a different breed. Typically they are high net-worth individuals that understand the complexity’s and risks that come from investing.

However, much has changed in the last twenty years, a number of laws have been relaxed that allow for mass solicitations of donations in the form of crowd funding.

Several sites such as: (non-profit)

There are many other platforms that have developed along a similar vein and with the advent of stock apps as well, investing has never been easier or more accessible to the general public.

There was a time when the entire field of investing was extremely complicated and opaque and it did indeed require and MBA or you had to know a guy that could show you the ropes.

The world has moved on in the last generation, and most people have been left behind uncomprehending the significance of the changes.

It is about time such changes actually benefited the working class.

In my case, I’m something of a philosopher and a man of action.

I cannot sit idly by and allow the workers to be sidelined while technology marches forward, heedless of the effects that it has upon the workers and their families.

Vision: Rebuild American Confidence

Mission: Make American Cars Look Great

Blue Collar Technology, beginning with mobile vehicle restoration.

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