Project Volk – Working Class Tech / Blue-Collar

Today was wonderful.

After getting up early, my wife and I had breakfast with the kids. We had an appointment with the chiropractor in the morning, came home and raked leaves most of the afternoon, making huge piles and burning some.

I have always loved the smell of fire and a nice cheerful gathering of family and friends around it.

And yard work always makes a man feel alive and like all manual labor, reminds him of his limits.

Having that kind of time to enjoy these sorts of things is becoming rarer and rarer for the working class in America.

Much of what would have been family and community time is being eaten by the need for a second job or school or the like as the middle class shrinks

The term “wage-slave” comes to mind.

You cannot make any more time, but you can make more money and the trade for most people is time for money.

Here at Project Volk, we recognize the need for time, and money, to provide both love and sustenance for workers and their families.

That is why we are developing Mobile Vehicle Restoration as an industry category. It will begin the transformation of the entire Blue-collar sector.

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