Project Volk – Web Development / Focus

A job is a job.

So they say.

Just when things start to get better, they stay the same.

As we have mentioned before, while GDP has risen, so too has debt. And as wages for the working class have stagnated, so too has purchasing power declined, a two fold drain on generational wealth for middle America.

It is a strange time to be alive, that on one had, the world has never been richer, while at the same time, never been in more debt.

But we’re not primarily concerned with money.

Here at Project Volk, we recognize that it takes more than GDP to build a nation, we also recognize that a people are not a corporate entity. Corporations are tools, nothing more.

What motivates us is what is called noblesse oblige, and we confess so unapologetically.

We have been given much and our desire is twofold:

1) Vision: Rebuild American Confidence

2) Mission: Make American Cars Look Great

It is very simple, we know the steps that need to be taken and have both the will and competency to accomplish this goal.

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