Project Volk – Working Class Mobility / Mobile Vehicle Restoration

The bravest of men are found where disgrace is feared more than death.

It’s takes courage to set out on a course towards the horizon. There are no safety nets, no guarantees, except that it will be hard, whatever it is that is being embarked upon.

In our case, seeing what we see in the West (debt, civil unrest, social degeneration, etc) we also see this as a time of tremendous opportunity to offer a solution to the fragility induced problems of our culture.

The answer is not to try and fix the system, more taxes or to try and develop a stop gap. The solution is to build systems that improve when exposed to stressors.

Here at Project Volk, we see the importance of building up the working class and delivering to them alternative forms of technology that create a platform while offering high paying jobs.

We understand as well that we need to answer the concerns of the average customers, particularly making American cars look great. 👍

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