Project Volk – Mobile Vehicle Restoration / Laying the Foundation

The ground work has been laid and we are moving forward. The changes that have been taking place are extremely exciting.

As I am he Vision Leader of Project Volk, and also the head of labor, I am reminded, as I have been working this week, of how much is expected and needed of me.

One of the keys of leadership, and it’s dichotomy, is delegation. As more and more is expected of me, as the responsibilities grow, the need increases for me to delegate and confer authority to act upon those around me, those with the legitimacy and competency to assume that level of responsibility.

Part of leadership is assigning the right task to the right person. It is not easy, a skill all it’s own, and it is required of the best leaders to “know thy self” in order to know others as well.

The transformation is a slow one, as it requires a change in mindset and expression, an increase in communication both in quality and quantity.

With much prayer and counsel and meditation and study, great strides have been made.

For those interested and excited about this project, let us know and continue to cheer us on and pray for us as well.

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