Project Volk – Blue Collar, Hard Working Men

Today was cold.

Very cold.

Not Chicago cold, but cold enough that my digits went numb a lot.

This is normal.

This is what my ancestors used to have to deal with constantly, at least, those that lived in the temperate zones, Europe, Russia, Northern American, Canada.

After 10 years in the automotive industry, it’s something I’m used to.

One of the things I’ve learned in this time is endurance. There are days that I’m exhausted, cold, sick and/or emotionally or psychologically spent, but regardless, have to keep going to provide food and for my wife and children.

This is what and husband and father does for his family. This is a party of masculinity, a part of duty and a part of honor, and as much as we are about the workers, we are about the family.

At Project Volk we recognize how desperately the working class needs a platform to network their vast array of talents and skills and preserve the value of their labor.

Believe me when I say that we are obsessed with these things and we will never stop striving towards them.

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