Project Volk – The Importance of Rising Early

You can always make more money.

You cannot create more time.

How do you make more time?

By being early.

Part of what has been so amazing about this project is how much it has transformed all of us that are involved.

We began as simple people, working class, all on various paths of life.

What has brought our work together has been a simple vision and a singular mission.

Vision: Build American Confidence

Mission: Make American Cars Look Great.

These simple goals have developed our thinking and method, forcing the creation of a system of validated learning.

We don’t have a “5 Year Plan” so much as a plan that updates, guided by principles and data and corrected by new information as our work progresses.

The key is to make the systems as simple as possible, reducing needless complexity.

Simple principles such as creating time by being early are very easy to understand, while at the same time, tracking how much time is saved by observing this principle in action are key to validating any proposition. If the data doesn’t support the practice, change it or do away with it.

In our case, every day we rise early. The data supports this practice, and the order and peace of mind brought to our work is an added bonus.

We are weaving basic principles such as this into The Volk Web Project, into Blue Collar Technology and Mobile Vehicle Restoration.

We hope to transform the way workers relate to their labor, and our conviction is that when the worker retains the value of their labor, his time is protected and made that much more valuable.
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