Volk Community Project – Simple Kindness and the Importance of Regular Meetings

Earlier this week, I experienced a series of very intense emotional and spiritual highs and lows.

Today, we addressed a number of personal concerns and one of which related to communication on a deeper level of confiding in each other our grievances, our hopes and our fears.

It doesn’t seem quite right but what we have discovered is the importance of scheduling and blocking time for emotional and spiritual connection.

At first glance, it seems unauthentic, but part of achieving victory in any area is being able to address issues within and without the context of an event. Sometimes that means compartmentalizing an otherwise unhelpful emotional response in the moment to deal with the mission and recap what could have been done better in the debrief.

Simply being patient solves most issues before they start. Healthy communication, trust and respect deal with the rest.

What I want you to understand is that building anything requires a huge range of skills, but none of them will take you very far unless you have a frame work for updating your information, a system that allows for validated learning, trust in your team to both give and receive criticism, a clear hierarchy of authority, responsibility and the maturity to know when and where issues are to be brought up.
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