The Volk Project – Labor and Ownership

We’ve been blessed with a huge abundance.

In our case, we consider it our noblesse oblige to build the future while drawing from the past.

We also like getting our hands dirty.

The new industry category of Blue Collar Technology is the path forward, beginning with Mobile Vehicle Restoration.

Eventually, we will see a translation of the value of workers labor back into their own hands.

The wage model of employee / employer relationship is in need of much revision, and in our case that means treatment of the worker as if they were a corporation, since in the modern world the corporation has more ownership of labor than the individual worker.

Most people are fine with the arrangement, don’t even consider that there would even be an alternative, and this particular division of labor and management allows for the division of work and responsibility.

While on one hand, that alleviates a tremendous amount of risk and stress from the worker, that absolutely subverts the value of their labor.

We at the Volk App Project recognize that in order to retain the value of labor, Technology must be leveraged on behalf of the workers.

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