The Volk Web – Battle and the Importance of Waiting

“He who waits at the battlefield, wins.”

“He who is rushed to battle, will lose.”

I have been chronically late, to everything, my entire life.

It has been a major character flaw and innate struggle as long as I can remember. (Yes natural defects can also be character flaws.)

The last few years after starting several projects, businesses and now a tech start up, I have attempted to make a much more concerted effort (holy qualifiers Batman!) to address this issue in my life.

And yes, I know all the reasons why it is terrible.

That it is a lack of respect for others time, and my own as well, to be late.

That it is an indication of laziness, flawed organizational skills, etc.

Typically, I have gone through a cycle, like many others in many different kinds of contexts, where there would be an emergency event, something really got screwed up, something unexpected happened, and then I would make a Herculean efforts to try and change myself through brute force and sheer will power to change this particularly terrible habit.

It would last for a few weeks or so but never stick, except for in the cases where it was really important, things like getting to Church, dropping kids off at school, etc.

There are few things about myself that are a greater source of shame and rage at the same time.

It wasn’t until I read Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink last year that the first beginings of a change in my core began to take root.

Recently, I heard a short presentation of his on the subject and he quoted Sun Tzu:

“He who is waiting on the battlefield will win, and he who is rushing late to the battlefield is going to lose.”

I cannot stress enough how much this has spoken to me. I have seen immediate changes, without Herculean efforts, stress, chaos or disordered expenditures of energy.

It very quietly, very calmly has settled deep into my being, like an anchor being lowered into the ocean of my soul, down to the very roots.

I just cannot get that quote out of my head or heart.

Being early is such an obvious key to success in every area of life but the why it is a key to success has eluded me my entire life.

Being early and prepared, is a necessity, a prerequisite, to a success, not a courtesy.

It is an essential tactic to achieve victory.

To be perfectly blunt, I don’t care about courtesy, especially the modern false type.

What matters to me is victory both spiritual and material.

And here at the Volk Web Project, we recognize that punctuality and preparedness are essential aspects of excellence, and are
making them a part of everything that we do.

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