The Volk Web – Workers, Corporate Structure, Time

The structure of most corporations in the US is fairly standard:

  • Corporate Officers
  • Middle Management
  • Workers

The differences between them consist of various degrees of responsibility and equity or ownership or stock in the company.

The corporate offices receive the most pay and equity in the company because their decisions carry so much weight and ownership in the company gives them an incentive to grow the business.

Typically, growth is achieved in most standard Corporations via 2 ways.

First, sale of equity or stock.

Various financing rounds will occur, especially towards the start of a corporate entity, where the owners/founders/corporate officers will sell part of the company to gain investment.

Most businesses start out high in equity and low in cash.

The second is various forms of debt, credit, loans, convertible loans, etc.

In both cases, the workers themselves typically, at least after the business is established, do not receive stock or ownership of the company in any way. There are many reasons for this, usually the worker values a steady paycheck over ownership of a company/or their labor.

Here at the Volk Project we recognize the difficult nature of our situation. In our case, all of us founders have worked in one way or another as contractors, entrepreneurs or freelancers.

The advantages of that type of work is manifested in many different ways, but primarily in that we own our labor.

That makes our time incredibly more valuable than the average waged employee.

In order for the relationship between the worker and their labor to change, the terms must be changed. Behind the scenes we are building the legal frame work to protect the workers and founders and customers.

The world has moved on, and we have to adapt beyond it.
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