The Volk Web Project – Skilled Labor

The workers and the family are the roots of any Nation, as well as a common history, a common land, a common language and a common ethos.

Skilled Labor especially is the back bone of not only the economy, but the family as well. Most blue collar workers provide for their families via skilled labor, and to debase the value of their labor is to debase the family.

One of the considerations that every worker must take into account is how best to use their time, skills and talents for the good of themselves, their families and their community. One thing that makes that duty difficult is that in America the labor market is not what it was and the rules of supply and demand apply to labor as much as anything else.

As we move forward with our development of technology, communication and networking amongst our labors, we at the Volk App Project have defined Blue Collar Technology as the overall direction that the entire skilled labor industry is going, and in particular the automotive industry is heading there as well.

And we are on the forefront of this transformation.

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