Volk Web Development – Technology and Dirt

Part of what sets our work apart is the combination of the Technology Industry and good old fashioned hard work.

Most of the white collar world doesn’t even speak the same language as the blue collar industry, it’s in a completely different realm.

To transform the existing labor market, a translation of language and information is going to be required.

We’ve began our work reaching out to the technicians in our area, testing reach and validating our offer and finding out what is valuable to them. We believe that when you care for the workers, everything else will work out.

So far, response has been exceptionally positive. We have a lot more work to do, but little by little, diligence and patience will build a solid foundation.

#volk #volkapp #getvolk #workers #bluecollar #famiy #labor #tech #mobile #vehicle #restoration #bluecollartech

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