Volk App – Working Class Transformations & Resolving Conflict

The question is not if something will happen but when, and how will you handle it when it does?

Today we had to address a very angry customer.

This is nothing unusual for the automotive world, but in this particular line of work, the it is extremely rare to have the kind of negative response that was expressed.

After a full refund and accepting all appropriate responsibility for the situation and even offering to pay damages, the customer still was very angry and thus communication broke down.

What went wrong?

In the first place, accepting this particular job. The customer in question had expectations that were unreasonable and unattainable for the particular service provided. The job should have been turned down.

Second, the issue that was brought up was essentially unprovable and currently unsolvable. It had already been addressed previously and there was no evidence for the issues the customer was upset about. Even after offering to pay damages, the customer still remained irate.

At this point, when everything reasonable had been done and all options exhausted, there was not much else for us to do except to take the hit and learn from it what we could.

In our case we became far more aware of several areas of vulnerability and need for improvement in particular techniques. It is the failures that tend to teach more than the successes, ironically.

Big picture, we have been running an experiment to validate a particular idea and thus far, it has worked far beyond our initial expectations. The fact that this is the first real issue that has come up in the six months or so we have been gathering data is shocking.

I mention all this to highlight some of the difficulties and challenges that the working class have to deal with. Typically, blue collar workers are treated like verbal and sometimes physical punching bags for irate customers to take out their frustrations on.

That’s one of the things we would like to change. These kinds of burdens are much easier to bear together, which is another reason that a platform for Blue Collar Workers is so essential, especially for the automotive industry. Mobile Vehicle Restoration is the path forward to building up the the workers via Blue Collar Technology.

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