Volk Web Development – Christmas & the Necessity of Family

Part of what unites family is a common bond of blood and love.

Christmas plays a central roll for the entire family of humanity, even those parts of the world where it does not have as visible a presence it is nevertheless recognized.

But Christmas, especially for the working class, is not merely a secular holiday focused on mass consumerism. This joyous time of year is a recognition of the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, it is a keenly spiritual time, to pause and reflect on His birth and the significance of His death and Resurrection.

Christmas, and advent leading to it, are gifts of time and meditation and gratitude, to re-establish the bonds of love and duty that bind families together.

We at the Volk Project acknowledge the Christmas season and celebrate it to the full, recognizing how important it is to rest, pause and reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ.

We wish all, and especially the workers, a very merry Christmas.

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