The Volk Project – Working Class Action

We are presented with an opportunity.

The world has changed, dramatically in the last 30 years because of the exponential increase of technological advancement.

What has not changed, fundamentally, is humanity. We have the same motivations, by and large, that we always have.

There are many examples of universal human traits, as explained and discovered by Donald E. Brown.

Three of the many human universals are that of:

Labor, and the workers that preform it, may change method and technique and rate as history advances but not the fundamental human axioms regarding community and labor.

At the most basic level, the transfer of time and energy into any effort imparts value to it.

Something so obvious is often hard to describe. Articulating the issue is half the battle when building something new.

In this case, it is more of a restoration of a more natural relationship between man and his labor.

Here at the Volk App Project, we have two focal points:

  1. Our Vision: Rebuild American Confidence
  2. Our Mission: Make American Cars Look Great

In our case, that means defining the category of Blue Collar Technology and the sub category of Mobile Vehicle Restoration.

As we develop the software, build the algorithms, launch our platforms and such, our offering is very straight forward: no one likes dealing with car issues, so we’ll make auto restoration simple.

This requires an entirely different way of looking at how to solve car problems. It requires addressing the concerns of the workers as well as the concerns of the American people, the family.

We’re excited to find out what the future holds.

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