The Volk App Project – Hard Work & Great Stories

A great story is profound not because you understand what it means but because it means more than you understand.

One of the great stories of our time is the triumph of the underdog. The unlikely hero who after a life of obscurity finds himself granted power or wealth beyond his imagination. It is a giddy story, one that gives hope an inspiration, feeding ambition and many dreams.

Unfortunately, it is a lie.

What I mean is that, there are no secret Kings, nor hidden powers that manifest later in life. Even the lottery tends to destroy those who win it, as does sudden fame and fortune when thrust upon those unprepared for it.

The reality of all lives, even those of great authority and wealth should be principally the same as those of far less means: duty and stewardship with the time and talents that one has been graced with, good hard work, simple food, long days of well spent effort that gives a deep satisfaction when one finally rests.

Coming from the working class, we at the Volk App Project recognize that good hard work, carefully attended to over the long haul, gains made little by little are far more stable and wholesome than sudden success.

We know what the struggle is for the workers, for we are workers ourselves.

We are building Blue Collar Technology and developing Mobile Vehicle Restoration through our websites and applications to support the workers and lay the foundation for a platform for the working class.

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