The Volk App Project + Web Development & Futurism

Today was a long day.

And cold.

Every day is hard for the working class, especially in the auto industry. In my case, several challenges emerged and had to dealt with. Retail customers, as well as wholesale dealerships needed to be addressed as did some malfunctioning tools and software.

It was a lot.

But, ultimately, we triumphed.

What made it possible, in my case, to plow through, is that I own most of my labor.

What I mean is that I work for commission vs hourly wages, and I learned years ago to operate like a corporation of 1.

Not many people can do this, but once I made the change, and it worked, I was never going back.

In my case, I was offered a unique opportunity, and I took it, which required years of hard labor and long hours. All great transformations come with risk but for most workers, they simply can’t afford to take those risks that may lead them to a better future.

That is why we at the Volk App Project are dedicated to the American worker and family, to building them up and helping give them a similar opportunity to retain the value of their labor.

This begins with Mobile Vehicle Restoration and in the continued creation of the Blue Collar Technology industry.

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