Volk Web Development – Working Class Tradition

One of the things I have noticed as a mobile vehicle restoration technician is that the automotive industry has been hard-pressed to adopt new technologies and methods.

There are many reasons why. The Blue Collar and White Collar world’s speak vastly different languages and have very different gifts, needs and obligations for one.

In my case, seeing both the needs of the working class and management class, we at the Volk Project recognize the need to bridge that gap in the automotive industry.

One of the reasons these particular insights have escaped notice for so long is for the very simple fact that most people don’t even know that we, mobile vehicle technicians, exist.

In fulfilling our mission to make American cars look great, we recognize how important it is to share that hitherto hidden knowledge, that mobile vehicle technicians are the future of the automotive industry and continue to build the category of Blue Collar Technology.

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