The Volk App Project – Advent and Thanks

During this Advent Season, here at the Volk App Project, we recognize how much we have been given. There are an extraordinary number of blessings that we have been given and one of our great desires is to share them with workers.

To that end, we labor.

To that end, we rebuild the working class.

Mobile Vehicle Restoration is the most logical starting place to begin for several reasons.

1) I have personally been in this industry for about 10 years. Long, hot summers outdoors and frigid winters and tens of thousands of car restorations have taught me much.

2) No one knows that the Mobile Vehicle Restoration Industry even exists, and we at the Volk App Project are poised in the right place at the right time to build it.

Our Vision: Rebuild American Confidence

Our Mission: Make American Cars Look Great

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