Volk App Project – Thanksgiving as Labor Appreciation

Blessings abound, though there is much to be soberly attended too.

The Holiday for the working class is an essential part of the cycles of labor, and especially the major holidays.

Rest and contemplation are absolutely essential, for one cannot work endlessly. The natural rythmns that shape our lives, of light and dark, the seasons, the day of rest during the week, are all gifts and though many have to work upon what should be communal days of rest, gratitude is the only proper response.

Here at the Volk App Project, we recognize the need for rest, to pause and show gratitude, for our people, our land, our work, our families, our ancestors.

We have been given so much. Let us not forget the sacrifices of our forefathers to make it possible for us to enjoy the abundances that we have.

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