Volk App Project – Mobile Labor Organization

The family, the father, the mother, the child, is the foundational unit of any Civilization. Many attempts have been made to restructure this basic unit, or to redefine it, but none have ever really stuck. There is nothing so obvious or natural as the family.

So too is there a basic structure to workers and their labor. When the workers are denied their pay, ether through taxes or withholding their pay for say two weeks at a time, so too will the economy tend towards imbalance and instability.

Here at the Volk App Project one of our main considerations is the workers and the family. We understand that we have a duty beyond simply money to ensure the rebuilding of American Confidence.

As we continue to define and build up the Categories of Blue Collar Technology and Mobile Vehicle Restoration, we make a commitment to ensure that the worker retains ownership of their labor.