The Volk App – Mobile Vehicle Restoration

Part of what makes our work, that of Mobile Vehicle Restoration Technicians (MVR Tech’s), so enjoyable is that we’re contractor’s, at least, most of us are. Some of us own franchise’s, some of us started our own shops, but the kind of work that we do is structured around two things:

1) Mobility

2) Our Labor

We generally service the dealerships, going from account to account cleaning up their trade cars, used vehicles, customer care, etc.

It’s very valuable to utilize skilled contractors (or vendors) such as us to support the existing automotive industry, it saves time and money and brings much needed relief to the often times over-booked body shops.

The labor, because we are contractors, is ours and we retain more of the value of our labor, but it depends on the organization we are contracted to. In some cases MVR Tech’s will get paid most of what they bill. In other cases they don’t even make half.

What we are doing at the Volk App Project is developing alternative technology to serve the general public directly and ensure that technicians receive the lion’s share of their labor.

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