Volk App Project – Transforming Labor

Part of what moves the world forward is innovation, that is to say, new life.

Like a brand new child born into the world, with all the learning and challenges that he will have to endure, so too does any new industrial transformation have to learn and grow.

One of the conversations that I had yesterday with a prospective technician and manager for part of our launch team included concerns that he had over the long term vision and goals of our project.

All valid concerns.

Ultimately, we both acknowledged that it would not be a good fit moving forward, I couldn’t ask him to help and lay aside his convictions nor could he compromise on certian principals that did not align with the larger vision of what we are attempting to accomplish.

These are a part of all growing pains. What that left myself and my other team members with was an even stronger conviction of what it is that we are doing.

Blue Collar Technology will not invent itself. Mobile Vehicle Restoration will not materialize out of nothing. It will take hard work to create these categories and develop the Technology required to organize and network them.

But we are the ones for the job.

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