The Volk App Projet – Complementality & Advancement

Given the opportunities afforded us here at the dawn of a new millennium, it is shocking how little the relationship between workers and their labor has advanced in the Blue Collar Industry.

In a time of unparalleled communication and technological development, how is it the worker is not paid their wages? How is it that their real purchasing power continues to stagnate and diminish?

Regardless the reasons, and there are many factors, it seems the path forward is through the combination of several sectors rather than the reformation of any existing industries.

What we are proposing to do is not simply to reorganize the auto industry, though that may be a natural consiquence, but to combine the Blue Collar, Business Law and Information Technology sectors in a way that has hitherto been undone.

Our Vision: Rebuild American Confidence.

Our Mission: Make American Cars Look Great.

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