The Volk App Project – Reaction Towards the Future

History is littered with examples of great men.

Greatness is not synonymous with goodness, and pride can often lead to a calamitous fall.

And yet, who can deny the allure of greatness? To be known throughout the ages as one who accomplished great things?

It is hard to describe to any that have never known it.

At the Volk App Project, we strive for the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. We have been given much and in turn intend to give back to our fellow workers and laborers, for the very body of history, the skeleton and muscles of posterity, is the workers, the great mass of Mankind that propels us all towards the future.

In our age, workers have historically been exploited, especially of the Western, heritage populations. The value of the workers labor continues to decline, for many factors, one of course is the hyper-competition of labor and the tendency that such hyper-competition has to reduce all wages to effectively zero. There maybe an exchange of goods and services for currency but it is barely enough in most cases to merely stave off destitution, not to build and save and plan for the future, at least, not without debt.

Nor have families.

Many of those that are actually having children in the West are only doing so at the expense of the state because it has now become almost prohibitively expensive to have children.

How strange that in such a time of abundance and debt, our enterprises are creating a slave class.

We at the Volk App Project strive to redress these various issues, to rebuild the confidence of the working class, return such as we can to them, the value of their labor, and protect and build up the workers, the husbands, the fathers, the wives, the mothers and the families of the American Working Class through Blue Collar Technology and Mobile Vehicle Restoration.

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